ViewPoint Server

Motion Detection

The ViewPoint (VPS) compares individual pixels for differences, when this difference is greater than a set threshold (trigger level) the pixel is classed as motion.motion

The image is then analyzed in terms of blocks of pixels. If  enough blocks have motion (controlled by the sensitivity level) then the image is considered to have motion. Once motion is detected, recording begins.

The blue hatched part of the image to the right is the area masked off with a motion mask (only set to hatch for visibility). The green cross on the boat is the area of motion in this image.

For extra security, the VPS can record before and after the motion event to ensure you capture everything. 

Settings available that affect motion detection are:

  1. Update Rate, how often frames are compared for motion (default 150ms).
  2. Trigger Level, the difference between individual pixels.
  3. Sensitive Level , the number of blocks in motion before motion is detected.
  4. Motion Masking, it is possible to mark off areas not to monitor for motion.
  5. Number of seconds to record before and after motion (default 5 sec).

Motion Alerts can be sent via text-message (SMS), emails with images of the motion event, images can also be uploaded by ftp to a remote location or a twitter alert can be sent.

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