ViewPoint Server

Motion Masking

In some situations, there may be areas of the field of view motion mask
that are constantly moving, such as trees, or a street. To handle these situations, the VPS System supports Motion Masking.

The screenshot opposite shows the masks configuration, accessible by clicking the masks icon on the feed window.

One mask (over the tree) has been added. The white blobs surrounding the mask can be moved to resize or reposition the mask as required.

Masks can be temporarily disabled by un-checking the ‘Enabled’ check box. This may be useful for testing purposes.

There are different types of masks that can be set up. The ‘Style’ drop-down list defines three mask styles:

Invisible The mask can not be seen at all on the feed image
Hatched The mask will be shown as a cross-hatch pattern, with the original mage visible underneath
Solid The mask will be shown as a solid block, and the original image will not be visible at all

Additionally, a mask border can be enabled to outline the edge of the masked area, as identified by all the masks together.

Intelligent Masks
For even more flexibility in motion detection you can turn on Intelligent Masking. This differs from normal behavior in that it will only mask motion that originates in the masked area. Areas of motion that started moving outside of the masked area will still be tracked as they move through the masked area. The advantage here is that any motion such as trees, etc. will still be ignored, but if a person moves in front of the same trees they will be tracked by the motion detection system.

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