Alerts and Notifications...

Notifications can be sent via Text-message, e-mail or FTP. Alerts can optionally contain an image of the activity. Notifications are determined by motion detections, which are controlled by sensitivity settings, areas of no interest can be masked. Alerts can also be sent on loss of a camera feed.

Alerts can be set global or by camera feed.


The types of alerts that can be for a camera feed are:


         SMS (text message)



         Action that can be set

   o    Send a tweet

   o    Record all activity on a camera

   o    Move a PTZ camera

   o    Set the state of an output (turn on or off any device such as lights or siren)

   o    Run an external Application

   o    Send an event to remote system


Global alerts are the same plus Admin Alerts (email alerts on loss on camera feeds).

Alert setting page camera feed
Alert settings

Alert Actions page
Alert Actions



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